Welcome to Playa Hermosa Ecolodge

Our Hotel is known as Playa Hermosa Surf Camp and is made entirely of wood. The Hotel has the great feature of being built of wood from the same tree, called Genízaro. Other names for this tree are: Saman or Rain Tree. This tree lives, grows and remains alive for hundreds of years and grows a gigantic form. This tree is being planted in many parts of the world because it absorbs carbon dioxide, thus contributing to the factor of global warming.

The tree from which our Hotel was built lived for over 300 years, when it began to dry up and die. After obtaining all authorizations and permits it was difficult emotionally we use this beautiful tree to build most of our Hotel "Playa Hermosa Ecolodge". The other parties as the pillars were made of eucalyptus.

Our hotel is affectionately known as La Casona and is entirely made of wood. This hotel has the amazing distinction of being built almost totally from ONE tree, called the Genizaro. Other names for this tree include Saman or rain tree, as its leaves fold up during rainy weather. Living for hundreds of years and growing to immense sizes, these trees are currently being used in parts of the world to absorb carbon dioxide, a contributing factor to global warming. Our huge tree was over 300 years old when it started to dry out and die. After getting all the necessary authorizations, we were thrilled to use this wonderful material for most of the hotel.